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Italy sat alone, in a field of daisies. He was making daisy crowns. The wind blew, rustling the daisies and the hem of his green dress. He finished the crown and put it on his head. He began to work on another one.

"Italy?" he heard from behind him. Italy looked up at Holy Rome and smiled.

"Hey Holy Rome. Want to make daisy crowns with me?" he asked, picking another daisy and weaving it together with the other ones. Holy Rome sat beside him, but he didn't pick any daisies. Italy looked at him curiously.

"Why aren't you making a crown?"

"I... I don't know how."

"Then I'll show you!" Italy said, moving closer to him. He showed him what to do and gave it to him.

"Now finish it," Italy said, smiling at him. He watched as Holy Rome made it, his hands moving clumsily. Holy Rome finally finished and Italy clapped.

"Good job Holy Rome!"

Holy Rome blushed and Italy took it and put it on his head.

"Now we match!" Italy giggled and Holy rome turned a shade redder. He stood up and Italy got up also.  They made their way home in silence, but Italy was extremely happy. Before they went in, Italy grabbed Holy Rome's hand. He looked at him.

"Yes?" he asked, tilting his head. Italy leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Holy Rome blushed and rushed into the house. Italy smiled as he went inside and did his chores.
OOC: Yes, It's short but sweet. Request from :iconamericalovesicecream:

Holy Rome & Chibitalia belong to Hidekazu Himaruya

Picture: [link]
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Thats sweet
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